1 write a class named employeerec that has the following fields name the name field 5346954

1.       Write a class named
EmployeeRec that has the following fields:

·        name: The name field is a String object that holds theemployee’s name

·         idNumber:The idNumber is an int variable that holds the employee’s IDnumber

·        department: The department field is a String object that holds thename of the department where the employee works

·         position:The position field is a String object that hold theemployee’s job title

§ Write appropriate mutator methods that store values in these fieldsand accessor methods that return the values in these fields.

§ Write the default constructor, the parameter constructor thatreceives 4 parameters of name, idNumber, department, position andthe copy constructor that accepts an employeeRec object.

§ Write toString method to display the contents as the followingformat:

Employee: Susan – ID: 47899– Department: Accounting – Position: Vice President

2.       Write a separate programEmployeeReport.java

§  creates three EmployeeRec objects :

-Object employee1 by using thedefault constructor and mutator methods to set values of fields

-Object employee2 by using theparameter constructor.

-Object employee3 by using the copyconstructor.

The information of these objects asfollows:


ID number



1.       Susam Meyers



Vice President

2.       Mark Jones




3.       Joy Rogers




§ display the data for each employee on the screen by using toStringmethod

Output should be:

Employee: Susam – ID: 47899 – Department: Accounting– Position: Vice President

Employee: Mark Jones – ID: 39119 – Department: IT– Position: Programmer

Employee: Joy Rogers – ID: 81774 – Department:Manufacturing – Position: Engineer

§ use the JOptionPane and the following example to display themessage Dialog box.

“Congratulations. You are successful to useobject!”

Hint: import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, “the message”);

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