1 which of the following file name is not valid a 1 1 2 b and or c d quot my report 5346603

1.  Which of the following file name is NOT valid?

a. 1+1=2

     b.  And/Or

     c. !@#$

     d. “my report”

2. Which of the following file permission set representation is NOT valid?

a. 400

b. 100000000

c. r–r–r–

d. wxr——

3. Which of the following information is not in the Inode block?

a. file type

b. file size

c. file name

d. inode number

4. Which option of the ls command will not change the number of files in the result if used? For example, in your home directory?

a. -i

b. -d

c. -a

d. -R

5. “/home/gz” is my personal directory, and my working directory is “/home/gz/Documents” now. Which of the following directory path expression is valid and points to my working directory?

a.     ~/../gz/Documents

b. ~/Documents/..class=”apple-tab-span”>

c. /../~/Documentsclass=”apple-tab-span”>

d.     ../gz/Documents

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