1 which of the following are examples of algorithms a a dictionary b a recipe c a se 5191845

1 Which of the following are examples of algorithms? a A dictionary b A recipe c A set of instructions for putting together a utility shed d The spelling checker of a word processor

2 Which of the following contain information? a My grandmother’s china cabinet b An audio CD c A refrigerator d A book e A running computer 3 Which of the following are general-purpose computing devices? a A cell phone b A portable music player c A laptop computer d A programmable thermostat 4 Which of the following are input devices? a Speakers b Microphone c Printers d A mouse

5 Which of the following are output devices? a A digital camera b A keyboard c A flatbed scanner d A monitor

6 What is the purpose of the CPU? a Store information b Receive inputs from the human user c Decode and execute instructions d Send output to the human user

7 Which of the following translates and executes instructions in a programming language? a A compiler b A text editor c A loader d An interpreter

8 Which of the following outputs data in a Python program? a The input statement b The assignment statement c The print statement d The main function

9 What is IDLE used to do? a Edit Python programs b Save Python programs to files c Run Python programs d All of the above

10 What is the set of rules for forming sentences in a language called? a Semantics b Pragmatics c Syntax d Logic

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