1 when a button representing one state is clicked an action isperformed the button t 5346409

1.When a button representing one state is clicked, an action isperformed, the button toggles to the alternate state, and the otherbutton appears. This type of function is known as a toggle.

True or False

2.The restore down button returns the window to its previous sizeand desktop position.   True or False

3. You can single-click a window title bar to maximize orrestore the window. True or False

4.The taskbar contains options to Show Windows Stacked, CascadeWindows, and Show the Desktop. True or False

5.It makes no difference if you exit any open programs and Windowsbefore turning off the computer. True or False

6.The minimize button enlarges the window to fill the entire desktop.  True or False

7.Show Desktop minimizes all open windows, and gives you instantaccess to the desktop. True or False

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