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1. The program shoulddisplay

Please select currencies that youwant to exchange.


       Enter ‘R’ forPakistani Rupees.

       Enter ‘E’ for Euro.

        Enter ‘D’for Dollar.


Then your program should take theseinputs,

2. Dependingupon the choices that user has entered, your program will furtherdisplay the prompt

3. Then theprogram should take two inputs from the user as:


          Pleaseselect the currency that you want to convert:            

          Pleaseselect the currency that you want to convert into:


4. Aftergetting both inputs, program will calculate the currency rates onthe basis on this information.

   1 Euro = 112 Rupees.

   1 Dollar = 84 Rupees.

   1 Euro = 1.33 Dollars

   1 Dollar = 0.75 EUR

After calculating the conversion rate for the selectedcurrencies display it on the screen.

In the end of the program, user should be asked if he/she wantsto make another conversion.

If user presses y then the whole programshould start again. If user presses n then the program shouldterminate.

  • Youhave to use if/else statements to switch among different currencycombinations.
  • Forrepeating the whole program again by prompting the user, you haveto use a char variable“choice” which will take the choice of the user in yesor no (y or n). You can use while or do-while loop for thispurpose.

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