1 the following inputs screen has been designed to inputthe initial values for yeast 5346608

1. The following inputs screen has been designed to inputthe initial values for yeast, malt-extract and water (ingrams). Design a screen similar to the one on the right anduse a table in your design.

Note the values are only for display and you would have toenter them when you run your program. The boxes for Hops andTotal Hops are used later in the assignment but put zeros inthem for now. Put an appropriate title on the screen. (15 marks)

During marking, the marker may delete part of the table andyou will be asked to recreate it.

2. a) Insert two command buttons, Brew it, andClear Display Area (20 marks)

b) Write the code to support the actions of the brewingprocess. When the Brew it button is pushed, the yeast consumes an equal amount of malt-extract asits current weight in a day. During the day, the yeast multiplies (after it consumes themalt-extract) in number and weight to twice its initial size. This is repeated for each day in the brewingprocess. It normally takes 4 days for a lager beer.

When you are being marked, you may be required to change the code to make the brewing process last 6 days.

3 .a) Add a textarea to your screen design. Modify thecode in the Brew it button to display the simple '*' graphsas shown to the right. One star is displayed for the percentof sugar in the mixture. One line of stars appears for eachday in the brewing process. The number on the left-hand-sideindicates the day.

Heres what I have so far, Really stuck on 2b and 3a

The Ingredients   Yeast





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