1 start the netbeans ide and open the project named ch02 ex 1 invoice this project s 5346837

1. Start the NetBeans IDE and open the project named ch02_ex_1_Invoice. This project should be in the directory: c:murachjavanetbeansex_starts

2. Open the file named InvoiceApp.java. Review the code for this file and note that NetBeans doesn't display any errors.

3. Test this application with valid subtotal entries like 50, 150, 250, and 1000 so it's easy to see whether or not the calculations are correct.

4. test the application with a subtotal value like 233.33. This will show that the application doesn't round the results to two decimal places.

5. Test the application with an invalid subtotal value like $1000. This time, the application should crash. Study the error message that's displayed and determine which line of cource code the InvoiceApp class was running when the error occured. Then, jump to this line by clicking on the link to it.

6. restart the application, enter a valid subtotal, and enter 20 when the program asks you whether you want to continue. Whap happens and why?

7. Restart the application and enter two values separated by whitespace before pressing the Enter key. Whap happens and why?

You need the source code to the Murach's Java Programming book found here:


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