1 searching for a beer should prompt the user for an id number and the result should 5346815

1. Searching for a beer should prompt the user for an ID number and the result should display its quantity and price, if it is in your inventory. 2. A view of the entire inventory will display all the beers with their ID number, price and quantity in ascending order by price. This sorting should be done using either Bubble or Selection sort. 3. When placing an order an invoice of the order should be printed to the screen. The file structure is set up such that the first element of the file is a number containing the total number beers. With this number you must once again dynamically allocate (malloc or calloc) the appropriate array size. After that each beer will be listed in the following format 1. Beer Name 2. Beer ID (7 digits) 3. Beer Quantity 4. Beer Price

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