1 read the news article on operation cupcake http www foxnews com world 2011 06 03 u 5346799

1. Read the news article on Operation Cupcake:


2. In your opinion, what are the (a) political, (b) economic, (c) socio-cultural, and (d) technological (PEST) implications of Operation Cupcake?

That is, what do you think the fallout or ramifications of hacking a terrorist group's website and replacing a serious “recipe” with a recipe for cupcakes could be …

Interesting fact to consider: the cultural implications of “cupcake” may not translate from one culture to another. (FYI, in Britain “cupcakes” are sometimes called “fairy cakes.”)

3. Include in your analysis one or more examples for each of the four categories (PEST). Be sure to cite your sources using APA format in-text citations and a list of APA format references (added at the end of your message).

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