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1._____of C++ code promotes the development of error-free programs because the programmer does not need to continually solve the same problems over and over.

2. Which of the following is a valid constant declaration?

A. double bonusAmount = 500.00;
B. const integer taxDeduct = 500;
C. const double discount = 0.10;
D. const taxRate = 0.06;
E. const double 3.14 = pi; 3. The ability to write constant, variable, and function declarations that are local to a given function enables us to __________ from other function components. 4. Which of the following is a valid variable declaration?

A. double const, temp;
B. double job, tempJob;
C. double job; tempJob; partTimeJob;
D. fullJob, tempJob: int;
E. double const = tempJob

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