1 name the 9s12dp256 cpu addressing modes a programmer can use to access all element 5346726

1 – Name the 9S12DP256 CPU addressing modes a programmer can use to access all elements of a single dimension array.

2 – Write the 9S12DP256 assembly language instructions below a programmer could use to copy the 3rd variable from a 10-byte array into Accumulator B.

3 – Write a 9S12DP256 CPU instruction sequence below that determines when the last variable of a 10 element array has been copied from memory into AccA.

4 – The content of location $1000 is 8 and the content of location $1001 is 3. Write the values of each register after the execution of each instruction.

LDX #$1000 X= _________

LDAB 0, X B=__________

INX X=__________

LDAA 0, X A=__________

5 – What S912DP256 assembly language instruction sequence would be used to configure an internal CPU register to access an array, named TABLE, that starts at memory location $2000?

6 – What

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