1 look at the following declaration string cafename quot broadway cafe quot string s 5346698

1. Look at the following declaration:

String cafeName=”Broadway Cafe”;

String str;

Which of the following methods would you use to make str are referenced the street and “Broadway”?

2. what is the difference between the getChars and the substring methods?

3. what is the difference between the getChars and toCharArray methods?

4. the string at class is immutable. What does that mean?

5. look at the following statement:

String city = “Asheville”;

Rewrite this statement so that city references a StringBuilder object instead of a string object

6. you wish to insert a string into the existing contents of a string builder object. What method do you use?

7. how does the string builder class's replace method differ from the string class's replacement method?

8. the following string that contains three tokens. What are they? What character is the delimiter?

“apples pears bananas”

9. Look at the following string:


a) write the declaration of a stringtokenizer object that can be used to extract the following tokens from the string: home, rjones, mydata, and txt.

b) write code using the string class's split method that can be used to extract the same token specified in part A

10. Write a statement that converts the following integer into a string and stores it in the string object referenced by str:

int i = 99

11. what is the purpose of the MIN_VALUE and MAX_VALUE variables that are members of the numeric wrapper class?

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