1 javascript is a language 2 in the following line document is a n whic 5346678

1. JavaScript is a ______________ language.

2. In the following line, document is a(n) ________ which resides in the computers memory and contains information used by the script. document.writeln(“Hello World”);

3. In the following line, writeln is a ________ which performs a task or action in the script. document.writeln(“Hello World”);

4. The line window.alert(“Hello world”) will display output in ________.

5. _______________ is a predefined dialog box for getting input from the user.

6. You use the _______________ keyword to declare a variable in JavaScript.

7. You use the /*…*/ syntax for a ______________.

8. You use the ______ operator to assign a value to a variable.

9. What is the value of the expression (3 + ( 5 + 4 ) * 7 + 4 ) / 5?

10. To convert a string to an integer, use the _______________ function.

11. Write a JavaScript program to do the following: 1. Ask the user for the ages of her three best friends. 2. Calculate the average age of the three friends. 3. Display the average age with appropriate labeling in the web page. For example, The average age of your three best friends is 24.7 years.

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