1 it takes 12 5ms to transmit 10 characters in a rs232 link assume that each data is 5346860

1- It takes 12.5ms to transmit 10 characters in a RS232 link. Assume that each data is made of 8 bits, with even parity, and 2 stop bits. What is the approximate baud rate of the link

2- Give an example of an ethical issue that involves computer software.

3- Give at least two examples of intellectual property.

4-Give one example each for cybercrimes and cyber-related crimes, respectively.

5- Name one example of professional code of ethics for computing professionals.

6-Give an example of a software product that has global impact.

7-Give an example where you benefits from computing technologies in getting better services in your daily life

8- Name at least one example of new computing technology that you envision will come into reality in next five years.

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