1 in the transport layer data transmission is controlled to ensure data integrity an 5346881

1. In the transport layer, data transmission is controlled to ensure data integrity and avoid data loss. What is the technique called? a) Synchronize b) Flow control c) Session control d) Data control 2. What kind of data segments can the sender transmit without receiving an acknowledgment? a) Packet b) Frame c) Window d) Buffer 3. What is the process of inserting the header information of the layer and the data from the higher layer into data frame? a) Encryption b) Compression c) Encapsulation d) Heading 4. What are the disadvantages of a connectionless network service? Select best 3. a) No decided path from the source to destination b) No flow control and error correction c) Quick data transfer process d) Data loss because of buffer overflow e) Tolerance for delay and resquencing 5. What are the addresses used in the Data Link layer? Choose the two correct answers. a) Logical address b) Hardware address c) Network address d) Physical address 6. What layer of the Cisco hierarchical model is responsible for providing end users with access to the internetwork? a) Core layer b) Distribution layer c) Access layer d) Backbone layer

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