1 in order to change the size of any window you should use a the mouse b the siz 5346740

1.In order to change the size of any window you should use__________________.

a. the mouse

b.the sizing buttons

c. the close button

d.either the mouse or the sizing buttons

2.To change both the height and width of a window,_______________________________________.

a. double click the title bar

b.move the pointer to the right side of the window

c.move the pointer to the bottom of the window

d.move the pointer to the bottom right corner of the window

3.Windows lets you open a recently used document by using the RecentItems command on the Start menu. The command allows you to open oneof up to _____________ documents previously saved on yourcomputer.



c. 20


4.To close an open program you should_____________________________________________.

a. right click the title bar and choose Close

b.click the Close button

c. click the office button and choose Close

d.any of the above

5.Windows Explorer is an effective way to work with files andfolders. It divides the window into _______________ panes.



c. four


6. The _______________ toolbar is where you can storeshortcuts to commonly viewed places.

a. standard

b. address

c. links

d. none of the above

7. A _______________ is the rectangular area in whichinformation and programs are displayed.

a. window

b. file

c. spreadsheet

d. none of the above

8. The _______________ allows you to open commonly usedapplications with one click.

a. title bar

b. menu bar

c. toolbar

d. quick launch toolbar

9. A(n) ____________ is a related collection of Webpages.

a. Web browser

b. Web site

c. home page

d. http://

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