1 in main declare a variable n input an integer less than 10 from standardinput keyb 5346700

1.      In main(), declare a variableN, input an integer less than 10 from standardinput (keyboard). Then, define a function Fibonacci tocalculate the Fibonacci number, which is: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,8, 13, 21…

      E.g. if you enter a 10, yourprogram will report 34

      Note:N will be used as an argument of the function. Youare required to use a recursive function tocalculate the result. Finally, return the result to main()function, and output the result in main().

2.   In main(), define a two dimensional integer arrayN[5][5] which has 5 rows and 5 columns, a total of25 integer elements. Initialize the array by generating randomnumbers between 70 and 100 usingfunction rand() and assigning them to the arrayintegers. Then define two arrays: S[5] andA[5]; and use loops to calculate the sum andaverage of the numbers in each row of N[5][5](i.e. numbers that have the same row index), assign the results toS[5] and A[5], respectively.Output S[5] and A[5] results.

      To generate the random numberbetween 70 and 100, you can use the following code:




using namespace std;

int main()



    int random_integer;

    for(int index=0; index

        random_integer =(rand()%30)+70;




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