1 if an exception is not caught a program will a not compile b terminate 5346569

1) If an exception is not caught, a program will _____________________ .

a)     Not compile

b)     Terminate abnormally

c)     Print a message and continue executing

d)     All of the above

e)     Neither a, b nor c

3) The first call to invoke a recursive method is

a)     Not recursive

b)     Recursive

c)     The recursion step

d) None of the above

2) Which of the following statement is false?

a)     Inner class listeners can be shortened using anonymous inner classes.

b)     An anonymous inner class is an inner class without a name.

c)     Inner classes can make programs simple and concise.

d)     An inner class supports the work of its containing outer class.

e)     An anonymous inner class must implement all the abstract methods in the superclass or in the interface.

f)      A static inner class can access non-static members of the outer class.

3) Suppose we would like to declare a generic type Group that only allows types that implement the Comparable interface. Which of the following declarations correctly declares such a class?

a)     Class Group {

b)     Class Group

c)     Class Group

d)     Class Group>

e)     Class Group

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