1 http cyvoo com test jpg sorry it too bad i draw so bad build the excluesive or xor 5346654



Sorry it too bad.i draw so bad.

Build the excluesive or (XOR) gate from my images.

How many gates does it take using the sum of products approach?


We have 4 codes: 00,01,10,11.These code will indicate what will happen with the input for the circuit.This circuit will have three inputs(the first two 'code' input bít and the third input) and one output bit.

The codes have the following meaning:if the code is 00 then the output is always zero.If the code is 01 then the output is always one.If the code is 10 then the output is always the opposite of the third input.If the code is 11 then the output is always the same as the third input.Show truth table,”sum of products” Boolean expression,and final diagram.

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