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1. Given the facts about Bible family relationship: parent(abraham,ismael). parent(abraham,isaac). parent(isaac,esau). parent(isaac,iacob). Write the output for the following queries (if there are more than one output, write all of them):

a) ?- parent(abraham,X).

b) ?- parent(abraham,_).

c) ?- parent(Father,esau).

d) ?- parent(F,S).

e) ?- parent(abraham,X),parent(X,Grandson).

2. Write a Prolog rule, brother, which determines if two persons in the Bible family are brothers. For example, after your rule is created, you will have the following output: ?- brother(esau,iacob). yes

3. Write a Prolog rule that find the last element of a list. Example: ?- my_last(X,[a,b,c,d]). X = d

4. Write a Prolog rule that duplicate the elements of a list. Example: ?- dupli([a,b,c,c,d],X). X = [a,a,b,b,c,c,c,c,d,d] 5. The following is an example code that finds the area and perimeter of a rectangle: area:- write('Length '),read(L), area:- write(

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