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1) During his presentation to Mrs. French about a high-end gourmet oven, Brian asks, ” Would you prefer black or stainless steel? This is an example of a a) referral b) recommendation c) follow up d) trial close e) closing argument
2) A sales representative for Coca-Cola travels to various restaurants to determine how much syrup the customer needs for the coming period. This sales representative would be classified as a(n) a) order getter b) inside order taker c) field order taker d) missionary salesperson e) trade salesperson
3) All of the following are key areas of sales force management except a) compensating salespeople b) coordinating sales promoting efforts c) recruiting salespeople d) training sales personnel e) motivating sales personnel
4) Sales force objectives are generally established for a) the organization as a whole only b) the total sales force and for each salesperson c) just each salesperson but not the whole sales force d) for each department or division of the company e) long-term but not short-term salespeople
5) Which of the following is the best example of a well-stated sales objective? a) companywide sales should increase by 25% b) each salesperson should increase his or her client group by 10% c) each salesperson should bring in $25000 in new sales by November 15 d) The sales force should increase the market share in all market by December 1. e) each salesperson should increase the number of calls they make by 20%

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