1 distinguish between audit risk and audit failure 2 discuss each of the three broad 3595774

1. distinguish between audit risk and audit failure? 2. discuss each of the three broad categories (types) of operational audits? 3. Fraud was extensively discussed in this class, there are three conditions that must be present for management fraud to exist first, identify each of these three conditions. Then for each condition related to the risk factors related to the risk of miss-appropriateness of assets? 4.The reliability of evidence refers to the degree to which evidence is considered believable or trust worthy. There are six factors that effect the reliability of audit evidence. One factor is the independence of the provider (evidence obtained from a source outside the client company is more reliable than that obtained whithin) identify and discuss the remaining five factors that affect the reliability of evidence? 5. Distinguish between managements responsibility and the auditor’s responsibility for the financial statements under audit? 6. Jordan woodard is an audit manager with Andersen Zelken, CPA’s a one-office CPA firm. Jordan owns 100 shares of common stock in oneof the firm’s audit clients, but she does not provide any audit or non-audit services to the company. Determine whether rule 101 of the AICPA’s code of professional conduct has been violated. Briefly explain why the situation violates or does not violate the code? I have less than an hour to finish this.

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