1 const double and int are examples of answer a compiler directives b reserved wo 5346459

1. const, double, and int are examples of ____________.

A. compiler directives
B. reserved words
C. identifiers
D. program comments
E. variables


The C++ language system provides access to a large collection of previously written and tested program components that are organized in __________. 3. Whenever a C++ operation involving one __________ type operand is executed, the result of that operation is double. 4. The ____________ of a variable (or constant or function) means the places where that variable (or constant or function) can be referenced.

A. realm of importance
B. major impact
C. sphere of influence
D. location
E. scope of definition

5. The result obtained by evaluating the expression 23 % 7 is ____________.

A. 1
B. 7
C. 22
D. 0
E. 2

6. The __________ rule states that operators in the same subexpression are evaluated in a specific order.

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