1 consider a computer with the following properties 32 bit addresses byte addressing 5346435

1) Consider a computer with the following properties:

32-bit addresses, byte addressing.

Pages of size 2^9=512 bytes

Page table entries (PTEs) of size 4 bytes.

Consider a program with one set of valid addresses:

0xFFFEFFFF to 0xFFFFFFFF-1 are valid.

1a) How big is the virtual address space of that machine?

1b) What is the maximum number of pages?

1c) If single-level page tables are used, how much space is consumed by this

process's page table?

1d) How much space is consumed by PTEs with the “valid” bit set?

1e) How much total memory is consumed by page tables if we have 256=2^8 of

these processes running?

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