1 assume you are sending g 728 digitized voice 16 kbps usingvoip across an ethernet 5346388

1) Assume you are sending G.728 digitized voice (16 Kbps) usingVoIP across an Ethernet LAN. RTP packets are sent exactly onceevery 20 milliseconds to carry this voice.

a)How many bytes of G.728 voice data will be carried in eachpacket?

b)Considering that each packet has RTP header, UDP header, IPheader and Ethernet header/trailer in addition to the digitizedvoice data from (a), what is the total size of each Ethernet packetsent, in bytes?

c)Considering that a packets are sent every 20 milliseconds, whatis the total number of bits per second that are sent over the LANto carry this 16 Kbps voice channel?

2) A 1530-byte IP packet is carried across an ATM network on anUnspecified Bit Rate (UBR) PVC using AAL5.

a)How many ATM cells are sent over this PVC to transfer this IPpacket? Show your calculations.

b) What is the total number of bytes (including cell headers) thatmust be sent across the ATM network to transfer this 1530-bye IPpacket?

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