1 an array a is not used in python b is used when there is only one variable c is no 5346380

1. An array a. is not used in Python b. is used when there is only one variable c. is not used in programming d. is a data structure 2. Python strings have a built-in split method ___True ____False 3. A string format uses: a. + b. % c. & d. * 4. Breaking code into separate files is called modular programming. ___True ____False 5. FQNs are a. Frequent Question Numbers b. Find Query Now c. Fully Qualified Names d. The same as FAQs 6. Python has only one library for developing programs ____True ___False 7. Pass a. Is a function that plays a sound b. Does nothing c. Executes the program d. Is an import function 8. Pygame is part of the standard Python library _____True _____False 9. Wait_Finish () a. Plays all sounds at the same time b. Provides a pause for sound to play c. Is a command that tells the user to stop 10. Graphical User Interface is not an important part of interaction design _____True _____False 11. tkinter event handlers are a. functions b. debug programs c. print commands 12. An example of widgets is a text box, combo box, dialog box, menus, label or drop-down box. ____True ____False 13. A dialog box a. Opens a separate window to request additional information from the user b. Allows you to select one item from a large list c. Provides a way for large and small amounts of text to be entered. d. Is a list of command options that is attached to the top of a window 14. Entry fields are indexed with a number starting at 0. _____True ___False 15. Radio buttons force users to make a single choice from a group. _____True _____False 16. MVC stands for a. Most Valuable Coder b. Model, View, Controller c. Make Variables Clean d. Menu, Variable, Code 17. A data model is used when a single piece of data is shared among widgets. ___True ____False 18. Code that runs because of an exception is called an exception handler. ____True ___False 19. You can catch exceptions in Python by using a try/except box. ____True ___False 20. When using message boxes, to ask a question, use: a.

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