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1. ________ allow you to specify the style of your page elements (spacing, margins, etc.) separately from the structure of your document.

2. ________ are specified in an individual HTML element using the style attribute.

3. Give an example of a proper way to apply this CSS rule: .blue { color: blue; }

4. How will the following CSS rule alter the web page if it is applied in a style sheet? h1 { font-family: Arial, sans-serif; }

5. What is the significance of the following CSS rule? li em { color: red; font-weight: bold; }

6. In which element do you set the MIME type of an external style sheet?

7. Which CSS property for the background can be used to specify that scrolling will not move the image from its set position?

8. Which CSS property can be used to set the darkness or boldness of the font?

9. Elements which have absolute position are automatically ________ the text flow.

10. In the box model, the content of each element is surrounded by ________________.

11. If the CSS3 text-shadow propertys horizontal offset is -10, the text-shadow will appear ________.

a) to the right of the text b) above the text c) below the text d) to the left of the text

12. The ________ property adds a shadow to an element.

a) text-shadow b) box-shadow c) blur-radius d) linear-gradient

13. CSS3 allows you to add multiple background images to an element. Each images placement is specified using property ________.

a) backgroundimage b) background-position c) background-origin d) image-background

14. If you do not include the animation-play-state, it defaults to ________.

a) play b) run c) paused d) running

15. CSS3 ________ allow you to change an elements style over a specified duration.

a) transitions b) transformations c) animations d) selectors

16. CSS3 ________ allow you to move, rotate, scale and skew elements.

a) selectors b) transitions c) transformations d) translations

17. Using the ________, you can specify fonts for a web page, even if they're not installed on the users system.

a) @font-face rule b) @font rule c) @media rule d) font-family property

18. The ________ specifies that the font will be used when the document is rendered on a computer screen.

a) @font-face rule b) @media rule c) @media screen rule d) font-family property

19. ________ make(s) it easy to align the contents of boxes, change their size, change their order dynamically, and lay out the contents in any direction.

a) The Flexbox Model b) :nth-child selectors c) The Box Orientation d) The Flexible Box Layout Module

20. CSS3 allows you to create multicolumn layouts using the ________ property.

a) column-rule b) column-count c) column-gap d) column-style

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