1 a day has 86 400 seconds 24 60 60 write a program which prompts the user to enter 5346507

1. A day has 86,400 seconds (24*60*60). Write a program which prompts the user to enter the time of day in seconds (an integer between 1 and 86,400), and outputs the number of hours, minutes and seconds.

2. Problem Instructions

Modify the convert.py program below so that it computes and prints a table of Celsius temperatures and the Fahrenheit equivalents every 10 degrees from 0C to 100C.

The original source code

def main():

celsius = input(“What is the Celsius temperature? “)

fahrenheit = (9.0 / 5.0) * celsius + 32

print “The temperature is”, fahrenheit, “degrees Fahrenheit.”


The output from running your script should look as follows:

Celsius Fahrenheit


0 32.0

10 50.0

20 68.0

(et cetera)

thanks alot for any help

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