1 a create a new figure using the figure function b using the subplot command and ar 5346491


a) Create a new figure using the figure function

b) Using the subplot command and arrays X,Y,and Z from part 2, create a new figure

consisting of two subplots, on on top of the other. The upper plot should be of Y vs. X. The

lower plot should be of Z vs. X. Both plots should have the grid on, and should have both

axes labeled (either ❝X❝, ❝Y❝, or ❝Z❝).


a) Using the rand function, create an array called A of size 1000X1000.

b) Imagine that this array is made of up 4 500X500 arrays corresponding to the upper left

array, upper right array, lower left array, and lower right array. Using the appropriate

function calls,find the mean, median, and standard deviation of the elements making up

each of these four arrays. (Hint: If you these functions a 2D array, what will the dimensions of the output be? You will likely want to use the reshape() function in conjunction with median and standard deviation).

could you please tell me what functions and codes I should type in matlab

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